The Hot Seed Podcast

Ep.106 The Price of Admission

March 15, 2023 Season 8 Episode 106
The Hot Seed Podcast
Ep.106 The Price of Admission
Show Notes

Instructions are for suckas as is headaches are for Dads, leading off this episode that discusses  the 95th Oscar's and the black struggle of trying to win while playing a prominent role and what appears to be an example of how to make an example out of an athlete who wishes to upset the apple cart. The SV Bank collapse has a few people scared, as inflation continues and the reality of a looming recession becomes more evident.  The hype of March Madness builds as the NCAA looks to cash in and many look to pick that perfect bracket. Sexism in sports is still a thing and who knew breaking up with Tiger Woods would cost $30M?! Go figure, this and much more in this latest episode. 

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