The Hot Seed Podcast

Ep.105 Decisions

March 08, 2023 Season 8 Episode 105
The Hot Seed Podcast
Ep.105 Decisions
Show Notes

The fellas were sweating all the way down to
the NFL Franchise Deadline, while the players were screaming "Show Me The Money". One person that should be keeping their eye on their money is Ja Morant, let’s hope
he finds his way. Many didn't find their way on the Rolling Stones top singers list and
Chaka Khan let them know about it and will
 a time limit really slow teenagers usage of Tik Tock? Norfolk Southern needs to
slow down, as now that makes 2 train derailments in a month, bringing up many of questions. And, we can't get out of here without showing love to all the wonderful ladies out there during Woman's History Month! You are appreciated!!

"Woman's History Month" – Toni Morrison honored with new stamp, unveiled at Princeton

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