The Hot Seed Podcast

Ep.104 I’m Just Sayin’…

March 01, 2023 Season 8 Episode 104
The Hot Seed Podcast
Ep.104 I’m Just Sayin’…
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The fellas discuss the benefits of a 4 day work week and pose the question, “is minimum wage truly enough?” Governor Wes Moore appears to be up to answer that question right now for the state of Maryland; while the NFL off-season decides whose worth franchise tag money and who's not. The NBA has it’s own issues with pay and how load management has spurred some strong opinions from past legends. Closing out February the fellas agree to continue our Black History celebration beyond the we should and being steadfast in regards to the influence and contributions of black people past and present.  All this and more in another exceptional episode from your favorite dads with mics.

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Maryland Minimum Wage Increase
4 Day Work Week
NFL Free Agency
Load Management
Black History
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