The Hot Seed Podcast

Ep.90 White Noise

October 05, 2022 Season 7 Episode 90
The Hot Seed Podcast
Ep.90 White Noise
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Show Notes

Shawn, Eric, Earl and Dave return big on this season premiere, officially beginning the countdown to the BIG 100. In this episode they’re discussing Aaron Judge’s AL record 62nd home run and his place as the “Home Run King”. They also give their reaction to Marvel’s She-Hulk Disney+ series so far and if its missing the mark, as well as diving in to upcoming blockbusters Black Adam and the official Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever trailer. The conversation touches on the Top 20 shows and series being streamed, “Not So Breaking News” surrounding beyond meat and Will Smith, “Video Game Corner” highlighting a big day for game releases and a very passionate discussion regarding Kanye West.

Video Game Corner

Not So Breaking News

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